Fortuna-SAM-Prezel & Baguette Line

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Explore a premium used Fortuna-SAM pretzel system for sale. This system includes a dough... more
Product information "Fortuna-SAM-Prezel & Baguette Line"

Explore a premium used Fortuna-SAM pretzel system for sale. This system includes a dough dividing and rounding machine, a SAM long roller, and more. Witness it in action today and inquire about delivery with commissioning. Optional automation available. Contact us now!

Producer Fortuna/SAM/Winkler
Delivery: End of July 2024
Control computer control
Terms of deli. ex works
Location bak-tec-Industries
Condition cleaned & tested

Fortuna SAM pretzel line consisting of:
1.) Winkler lifting tipper, built in 1995 in V2A cladding for Diosna SP 120 A
2.) Dough dividing and rounding machine type: KI-5-row YOC =2017
With pre-portioner
Output KI 5-row: max. 9,000 pieces/h
> Recommended bar number 20
> Weight range: 72 - 330 g
> Main weight range: 72-77g / 132g
> Weight accuracy: ± 2g at 72-92g
> ± 3g at 100-160g
> ± 6g at 275-330g
> Machine hopper: approx. 20-25 kg of dough (without oiling)
> Expansion band pitch: 5 rows mm
> Connection: 4.5 kW
> Voltage: 400V - 3ph - 50Hz
Masch-EDV-Nr.: by request
> Chamber (honeycomb) drums 5 pieces Sizes 2-5.7
> 3 sets of interchangeable pistons (piston bushing system)
> 2 inner rounding drums
Replacement pistons (set = 5 pieces each) are recommended:
Piston size Ø 50/65
Piston size Ø 65
Piston size Ø 40/65
The following honeycomb drums
drum size 2~60-90g
drum size 3~75 - 105g
drum size 4~90-145g
drum size 5~135-170g
drum size 7~240-340g
3.) SAM long roller: year of construction 2007 performance
Sling table: Year of construction 2007 Manufacturer SAM
Production of ready-to-loop, cylindrical and bulbous dough strands or dough pieces in the weight range from 40g to 160g
Production of maximum 3500 pieces of dough pieces / h
Up to 330g for baguettes, but only around 1500 pieces/h
4.) Pre-prover: Winkler Schweiz AG, year of construction 1995 performance
With the installation of all hangers, a maximum of 6000 pieces of dough / h, currently 3000 pieces of dough / h
5.) SAM Sling table with distribution of the strands of dough to the pretzel hand twisters 

The Line can viewed in production, delivery with commissioning on request.

: An automatic lyeing machine from Abendschön, including loading trolleys, the system alone pulls in the trays and lyees them and puts them back on baking trays. Machine including rack trolleys.


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