Mecatherm Baguette & Bun-roll-line

Mecatherm Baguette & Bun-roll-line -technical data, performance and manufacturer. Producer:... more
Product information "Mecatherm Baguette & Bun-roll-line"

Mecatherm Baguette & Bun-roll-line -technical data, performance and manufacturer. Producer: Mecatherm, Kaak, Diosna etc.

Delivery: according to prior agreement
Terms of Delivery: ex works
Location: DE
Condition: as is is

Technical Data

Manufacturer: Diosna, Mecatherm
Year: 2001
Capacity: 300 trays per hour
Output approx. 22500 rolls 60-65 grams
Location Germany
No longer in production, still installed

Consisting of:
Diosna DSP280E, double spiral mixer, bottom emptying
Cart under the mixer
Diosna lifting tipper
Funnel with left/right separating band with pre-portioning
2 pcs. Mecatherm weighers
2 pieces Mecatherm Block Line
Tray size 800 x 1600 mm
Storage on 800 mm side
Tray merging conveyor
Tray turning station SSL -> LSL
Proofing cabinet, 7 modules, distance 120 mm
Scoring unit with knives
Oven, 3 modules, distance 150 mm, gas-fired, 6 pcs. Weishaupt burner
Ambient cooler, 2 modules, grid size 150 mm
Freezer, 4 modules, distance 150 mm, evaporator for NH3
Push off the depander
Buffer station moving up and down
Tray return conveyor
Includes 1 set of flat trays
Electrical: 3 x 400 V – 50 Hz

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