Mecatherm Baguette Line

With Proofer, Freezer,  Conveyor System, Oven and Cooling to Packaging System.... more
Product information "Mecatherm Baguette Line"

With Proofer, Freezer, Conveyor System, Oven and Cooling to Packaging System.

Producer Mecatherm Megaline
Control Fully automatic
Delivery On request
Terms of deli. From Location
Location Germany
Condition Used

Baguette Line without Mixersystem and Divider
Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Year of construction: 2005
Output: 6000 baguette / h
30000 baguette rolls / h
Baking tray format: 2000 x 800 mm
Total connection: 264 kVA; 400 V - 50 Hz T + N

System consisting of:

1. Dough spreader
Manufacturer: Mecatherm

2. Conveyor belt 1 on the left
Working width: 600 mm

3. Conveyor belt 2 on the right
Working width: 600 mm

4. Baguette preformer 1 on the left
Working width: 600 mm

5. Baguette preformer 2 on the right
Working width: 600 mm

6. Mecatherm block 1 on the left
Working width: 600 to 800 mm

7. Mecatherm block 2 on the right
Working width: 600 to 800 mm

8. Baking tray infeed station 1 on the left
Baking tray format: 2000 x 800 mm

9. Baking tray infeed station 2 on the right
Baking tray format: 2000 x 800 mm

10. Lowering belt 1 on the left
Working width: 820 mm

11. Lowering belt 2 on the right
Working width: 820 mm

12. Baking tray chain transport 1 left
Working width: 820 mm

13. Baking tray chain transport 1 right
Working width: 820 mm

14. Baking tray transfer station proofing room
Working width: 2000 mm

15. Baking tray buffer station MPI
Working width: 2000 mm

16. Final fermentation tunnel elevator system
Type: EMPII-E 64-07-120
Steam pressure: 0.3 bar
Requirement: 2x20 = 40 kg / h
Glycol water
Throughput: 2x5 = 10m³ / h
max pressure: 3 bar
Inlet temperature: + 6 ° C
Outlet temperature: + 12C

17. Cutting station

18. Oven Elevator system
Typ: FMPI 28-03-150
6 Gas burner
Connected load: 1050000 kCal/h
Gas pressure on burner: 100 - 300 mbar
Fresh air supply 250 m³/h pro burner = 1500m³/h
Steam pressure: 0.2 - 0.3 bar
Requirement: 100 kg/h

19. Indoor air cooler
Type: RMPII 48-02-150

20. Blast Freezer Elevator System
Type: SMPII 48-04-150
Connected load: 320,000 kcal / h
Refrigerant CO2
Total volume of the evaporator: 1560 liters
Max working pressure: 50 bar

21. Baking tray return station
Working width: 2000 mm

22. Product take-off station
Working width: 800 mm

23. Inclined conveyor to the Vertkalen packaging machine
Working width: 500 mm

24. Multihead weigher with platform
Manufacturer: MultiWeigh
Type: HDW 10-8.0-50 kg
Year of construction: 2006
Execution: stainless steel

25. Vertical packing machine
2 pieces
Manufacturer: Wolf
Type: VPP 450
Year of construction: 2006

26. Metal detector
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Safeline
Passage: 500 x 300 mm
Connection: 330 W; 100-240 VAC ~

27. Cartoner
Manufacturer: Knecht
Type: BK07
Year of construction: 2006
Connection: 11.68kW- 400V; 50 Hz; 26.8 amps

28: carton sealer
including driven roller conveyor
Manufacturer: Knecht
Type: BK 3000
Year of construction: 2005
Connection. 3.48 kW; 400V; 50 Hz; 8.01 amps

29. Continuous weigher
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

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